“Approach to Branding of Urban Tourism: Coherent Framework for Investment and Development”Architourism Conference, Mashhad, Iran.


“Spatial Consequences of Urban Tourism”, University of Istanbul, Faculty of Political Sciences,


“The Struggle of the Most Vulnerable: The Case of Sulukule, Istanbul”, paper distributed at The Second ISA Forum of Sociology, Buenos Aires, Argentina


“Cultural Tourism as a Tool for Urban Regeneration in Istanbul”, paper presented at Sustainable Development and Planning II, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK.

“Locating Istanbul on the Cultural Map of Europe: A Critical Evaluation of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture”, paper presented at II. Postgraduate Conferece of University of Algarve, Portugal.

” A Comparative Study on Tourism Promotion Strategies: The Case of Helsinki and Istanbul”, paper distributed at RC21 Conference, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


“Creating a City Image for Istanbul: Religion is the Main Theme”, paper presented at International Congress on Tourism and Heritage, ISCET, Porto, Portugal.


“Civil Society and the Youth Solidarity in Europe”, paper presented at World Youth Forum, Paris, France.

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